Before You Look for the Next Gig

When I’m on the road, it’s Uber that usually gets me around town. (I need to try Lyft, too!)

One morning, though, I chose a taxi. Mind you, I’ve heard cab drivers all over the world complain about Uber. THIS cab driver, however, had no case.

He started driving and “kinda knew” the “general vicinity” of my destination. It turns out he had recently gotten a new phone but wasn’t yet acquainted with the map apps (Google Maps, Waze, etc.). Dude, what?!

I handed him my phone. He held it in his right hand while he steered with his left. Needless to say, we arrived safely, but homeboy did not have his shit together.

Consider this: Half of a company’s employees are disengaged at work, looking for another gig.

If you’re one of them, make sure you’re a) at the top of the leaderboard, b) significantly contributing to the business, c) bringing a positive, bright attitude to work every day, and d) able to show / support / backup / prove your track record of success.

If you cannot demonstrate these traits, you have no case. Get back to work – on your job, on your habits, and on yourself.


My friends at AlwaysHired asked me to answer a few questions for their blog. The first part is here and the second will get published this summer.