Show Your Work

Produce value for the marketplace. Leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs. The list below features podcasts, videos, articles, and contributions I’ve made over the years. 


The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling with Brian Burns












The Sales Development Podcast with David Dulany
View show notes here.












Interviews with Inside Sales Gurus with Chris Orlob (Episode #29)










Accelerate! With Andy Paul













The SDR Chronicles, Episode #100, with Morgan J. Ingram

Revenue Summit 2017: How Top Salespeople Overcome Obscurity

The Salesman Podcast with Will Barron


SaaStr 2017: How the Best Outbound Sales Teams are Managed
View the session notes here.

Semi-Rapid-Fire Questions with Craig Rosenberg

#RealSalesTalk: Ralph Barsi on Servant Leadership

Rainmaker 2017: Building & Running a Global Sales Development Organization
Download presentation slides here.

HireVue: (View from 2:05:54 – 2:15:00)

#RealSalesTalk with Phill Keene and Sean Mitchell (Full Episode)

How to Avoid SDR Burnout (with Max Altschuler, Jon Birdsong, and JM Hood)
Name and email address required to view. So worth it, though. Sales Acceleration Summit: How to Motivate the Hell Out of Your Sales Team

BrightTALK: Best Sales Development Tools to Use in 2015, Part I
Name and email address required to view. So worth it, though.













How I Got into Tech Sales (with Juliana Crispo)

Interview with the AA-ISP Founder (with Bob Perkins)

GrowthX Academy: How to Talk to Humans (with Sean Sheppard)

Rainmaker 2015: Hiring for the Modern SDR

What SDR Job Descriptions are Really Telling You

Kiwi Landing Pad: Sales Playbooks (with Sian Simpson)

Dreamforce 2014, (with Ken Krogue, audio and slides)

Sales Stack 2015: How to Power the Top of the Funnel (with Bill Binch, Andrea Austin, and Lesley Young)

How to Build a Winning Sales Team (Betts Recruiting, with Bridget Gleason, et al)

Startups Unedited (with Mark Ruthfield and Jorge Soto)


The Answers Are in Front of You

The Secret to Becoming an A-Player 

How the Best SDRs Take Massive Action

Use These Sales Fundamentals for Effective Post-Event Follow-Up

Nuggets for Your Notes: On Motivation, Gratitude, and Doing Better Business

The Best SDRs Don’t Suffer from a Lack of Focus

How the Best SDRs Overcome Obscurity

5 Pieces of Advice for People Starting Their Sales Career

The Inspired Sales Development Team

How to Avoid SDR Burnout: Q&A

How to Prepare for a Sales Development QBR

Best Sales Books: 25 Elite Picks to Step Up Your Sales Game (2017 Update)

5 Quick Tips About SDR-AE Relationships

From Sales 1.0 to Sales 2.0: If I Knew Then What I Know Now


eBook: How to Not Send Really Crappy Emails (Engagio)

eBook: 5 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Work for You (Octiv)

Tales from the Frontline (InsightSquared)

How to Hire Your Sales Dream Team (RingDNA)

3 Things You Need to Ask Yourself to Personalize Messaging (RingDNA)

9 Bombshells Ralph Barsi and Jacco van der Kooij Dropped at Rainmaker (SalesLoft)

Women in Sales Mentor (2015)

Heinz Marketing: How I Work

SalesLoft: 8 Tweetable Tips on SDR Onboarding and Development

Sales Hacker: The One Thing I Wish I Knew at 22

AlwaysHired: Sales Leader Interviews, Part I